Our stunning personalised baby brush comes with a wooden massage brush presented in a linen gift bag, each personalised with their name.


Choose any colour ribbon at checkout.


Eco-friendly & Safe Material: We use natural bamboo, beech wood and pear wood for all our hairbrushes.

Safe All-natural Care: The baby hairbrush helps to redistribute natural oil from the scalp to the entire hair for a healthier and cleaner scalp, reducing static and detangling.

Perfect Gift: Brushing your baby's scalp daily can help with blood circulation and relaxation for your baby before a good night sleep. Get this set for your own baby or as a gift for your friend’s baby shower, both thoughtful and practical.


Please note: Names longer than 6 letters will be printed on the BACK of the brush.


    As our items are made to order and personalised, we do not accept returns.